Verified Client Testimonials

(NOTE: Certain identifying information has been omitted, first names are changed for privacy and in some cases, grammar or spelling has been corrected. However, these are real testimonials from real people who are or were clients of our professional Psychic Readers.


"I was faced with a divorce. My husband had been lying to me about joining a gym, but when I checked his gym bag at night, nothing inside of it had moved. I confronted him about finally and he packed his bags and went to a hotel. Later he sent me a short email saying that, after years of marriage, it just wasn't working and he wanted a divorce. I tried to reason with him but he would not even answer my questions. Frustrated I tried different love spells online. That turned out to be a foolish waste of money. Then I found Master John Paul. He explained to me in depth what was going on with my husband. He said he could help because mutual love was still there, although there were many obstacles to turning things around. I decided to try the energy work he recommended. It took a few weeks, but slowly my husband started to admit things to me and finally even apologized. Turns out he was seeing a counselor because he felt he was depressed and didn't want me to know that, as he thought I was the cause of this. As the energy work grew stronger, my husband's heart started to open up and he was able to feel like we could start over. After years of feeling like he was closing himself off from me, he had become more open and loving than I had ever seen him be before. He moved back into the house with me and the kids. John Paul continued to be available to me until my marriage finally stabilized. I do not know what I would have done without his help."

- Rebecca *
Aspen, Colorado

"There was a woman at work and we started going to lunch together. It felt like there was some flirtation, but I wasn't sure. Finally, I told her how I felt about her and she said she felt the same way. We went on a few dates and then she said it would be best if we just remained friends. The lunches stopped and I noticed she removed me on Facebook. I really felt as though we had something and when she was gone I realized we had something that was special. I had never felt this way about anyone. At an office party, after a few drinks, she told me that she thought she had fallen in love with me, but she just wasn't ready for a relationship. When I contacted John Paul, he told me things that only a real psychic would know. He knew things about me and things about her. After a few sessions with him and following his instructions, the woman at work became the woman I now live with and we are engaged to be married."

- Amir *
Newport Beach, California

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"I met a man online who I had a lot in common with, but something didn't feel right. I got a reading from J.P. and he told me certain things about this man and I followed up on what he said. Turns out the man was misrepresenting himself and was already married, just like J.P. said he was. He had also lied about his profession, just like J.P. said. I am so glad I found out the truth and got out before I got in too deep and I am most grateful to J.P. for being the accurate psychic that he is!"

- Linda *

"I tried eBooks and love spells to get my ex back. Nothing worked until I found John Paul. He told me that my friends who were saying I needed to just move on were wrong and that he could help me. Two and a half weeks later I was back together with my ex. I'm glad I trusted my gut feeling and listened to my heart, but I'm especially glad I listened to John Paul who showed me how to remove obstacles and get my ex back"

- Tracy *
Miami, Florida



"I cannot believe the help I have received from Ann. I was in such a dark place and couldn't see how things were going to get any better. She showed me things that were going to happen in the future and helped me make decisions now so that I could meet those opportunities and avoid certain pitfalls. Most importantly she used energy work to bring my relationship out of a slump and reinvigorate our love. She is such a blessing."

- Angelina*
Houston, Texas

"After my husband left I had such a strong feeling that it wasn't over. Everyone near me said I was fooling myself and needed to accept the loss, but I didn't feel as though we stopped loving each other. I knew we couldn't get along and hadn't been right in a long time, but I couldn't accept it was over. I can accept change, but I knew this was wrong. I found Ann and she told me that the love was still there, which I already knew, but she also told me why things fell apart, which I did not know. What I had thought was wrong. We did some work with Angels and some healing spiritual work called energy work, to try to bring me back together with my husband. It didn't happen overnight, but the dynamic between my soon to be ex husband and I started to improve. Friends of mine said that was just because there was nothing left to fight about, so we were getting along. But Ann said that soon we would start over and that things would become romantic along. I trusted her and followed what she said and in time, it was like my husband and I fell in love all over again. We are back together now and everyday I thank God that Ann came into my life somehow to shine a light and point me in the right direction. My whole family thanks you, Ann."

- Louise*
Denver, Colorado

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"After being engaged to be married my engagement got broken off. Nothing in my life was working out. My ex told me he left because I had changed. I told him things came apart between us because he had changed. He was always busy and never wanted to do anything. He wouldn't even talk to me. I reached out to Ann from a website I found and she was able to explain to me things she was picking up from being psychic, things I had not thought of. I honestly wasn't sure at first if she was right because she was saying things that were kinda out there. But I was desperate to get my life on track and I wanted to marry this man, but only if he changed into the guy I had first met who was fun and showed me how much he appreciated me. After the energy work and some psychic counseling, Ann started to draw him back to me and I watched him change. I watched me change to. It was incredible. He and I realized we had both fallen into a rut and we came out of it together. I never told him that I brought in a spiritual healer and I'm not going to. But you can put this up on her website for me because Ann is the one who really changed my life. She is like no other, a gentle and powerful spiritual being."

- Jennifer *
Portland, Oregon

"After going on several dates with a girl I met at my college I realized that I had fallen in love. But when I told her she said she didn't feel the same way. Then she stopped taking me calls and looked the other way whenever I saw her. I felt crushed inside. I looked online for counselors or spell casters and I came across Ann. She did some kind of psychic energy work and the girl I was still in love with called me. She said she realized that she had felt something with me that she had never felt before, but was afraid of it. Ann guided me on what to say. Anyway, the girl agreed to get together again, even though she was afraid of her feelings. We have been together ever since and she has opened up and stopped being afraid. This was life changing. I'm amazed."

- Karl *
Fullerton, California

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