Sincere, healthy relationships provide room for each party to grow, create a space where each individual can be challenged to deepen their emotional experience, and will allow for plenty of quirks to drive each other a little crazy.  There are plenty of times when we believe that we do not "like" our partner, no matter how much we love them.  The anger and frustration experienced in an authentic relationship are a natural response within intimate and emotionally vulnerable bonds.  What we really don't like is incompatible behaviors and habits... not the person.
Therefore, love is a choice.  We must choose to understand each other better.  We must choose to take the extra time to communicate with kindness.  We must choose to listen carefully and have productive arguments so that our relationship's future is not plagued by the burdens of hashing out the same issue time and time again... Love is choosing to be accountable for our own thoughts and words and actions.  Love is choosing to honor a commitment to grow and to grow side-by-side with the Soul we have chosen to love.
Love is a choice to forgive.  Whether we are working on improving the connection to our partner, building towards an exclusive commitment, or restoring a marriage, we absolutely must choose to forgive.  We must forgive ourselves for our past actions within the relationship, we must forgive our partners for their past actions within the relationship, and we must choose to have a fresh start for the future.  As we move forward in constructing a Spiritually and emotionally healthy union with our partner, we must make the choice not to judge our partner on their role in the past, just as we do not want to be judged for our role in the past.
Love is a choice to understand.  Most disagreements escalate from a point of miscommunication and misunderstanding.  A focal point in my intuitive readings is to help you understand precisely what your partner is thinking and feeling in each situation, and to guide you in how best to respond.  Not only will this help you understand why there is an uncomfortable bridge to cross in the emotional plane of your relationship, but it will also empower you in your bond moving forward, so that you will know how best to handle the situation.  Love is a choice to get to know your partner better and to understand them on a deeper level than the rest of the world.
Love is a choice to be compassionate.  One of the most hurtful experiences is to feel neglected by the one that we love.  Often times, we take for granted the individuals who are closest in our lives.  When we choose to be compassionate towards our partners, we take control of the emotional direction of our relationships, and we take the lead... guiding through example, how to treat each other with the deepest expression of love... compassion.  Once we clear the energetic pathways towards a successful relationship, our focus shifts towards compassion and healing, to restore the love and affection that was once the cornerstone of your relationship's dynamic.
Love is a choice to communicate without harsh emotions.  It is a natural response to react with heated and intense emotions when we feel slighted by the person we love most.  Communicating with kindness is the most effective form of expressing our emotional needs, our expectations, and what is or is not acceptable within the realm of our romantic relationships.  I believe the fastest way to establish the healthiest foundation in each relationship is to read into your partner's heart, and guide you to expressing your needs with words that your partner will be most receptive to and receive into their heart of hearts.  We can state anything we like to our partner, even in an argument, as long as we communicate with kindness.
Love is a choice to stay put and keep the door to your heart open.  When we love genuinely and authentically, we look far down the road... we stay focused on the end goal of getting together, and staying together.  Often times, this means we need to do the hard work of staying committed, being patient, and being absolutely clear about the strength of our love.  If your heart tells you that you are only willing to hang around as long as your partner loves you back, then that isn't love.  When you know deep in your heart, that you are ready to forgive, that you are ready to have a fresh start, that you believe in the power of your union, then draw from the strength of your love to give your partner patience, to have compassion for their pains, to work towards understanding your partner better than anyone else, and to stay put with open heart, open mind, open arms, to bring your love back home to you.
Whenever we are presented with a choice, we always choose love.  When the Angels reveal that the doors to love are open to you, we hope you will, too.  Love is how we create meaning in this lifetime, and love is the ultimate human experience.  Thank you for visiting our site.  We look forward to guiding you on your journey.  

Love is a Choice
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